We’re three friends studying in the American Career College in Ontario. Our names are Bridget, Sam and Colin. We are all interested in writing and we love to offer our advice on a plethora of topics.

Our main goal for this blog was to offer college tips to any fellow college students that might need them. When we first started, we all struggled to keep up with all the things that were changing around us. We didn’t know how to deal with many situations and we spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to cope with everything.

That’s the reason that made us want to start this blog. We wanted to offer tips on as many topics as possible that are related to college life, writing and overall the topic of education. Each one of us has an area of interest that we focus on when it comes to writing but all in all we always work together and share out common knowledge in order to make our website better and our content more likeable.

Even though there are three of us running this blog, we are sometimes struggling with finding what to write about and when to post. The truth about being a college student is that you never really actually have time off. We always try to work around that though and we make sure to make time to write for our blog and always keep it updated.

One of the things we love the most when it comes to the blog is interacting with our audience. We will always be more than happy to get back to you through the comments and we will love it if you can send us a message with any requests you might have when it comes to us writing about a particular topic. Thank you for giving us a chance to write and express ourselves and we hope you enjoy our content!