Many students are starting up blogs that aim to cover a large amount of topics. Their excitement is high and they can’t wait to start expressing their creativity and offer their advice to their own online audience.

The only problem that sometimes appears is that of a writer’s or rather blogger’s block. Students don’t know what to write about after some time has passed and they need a little guidance and some fresh ideas. Here we have some nice ideas and prompts that will help anyone find a nice topic to write about.

Personal Blogging and Writing

  • Write about a person you really look up to. They don’t have to be famous. You just need to explain why you look up to them and mention some qualities of their character that you admire.
  • If you could choose to be anyone for a whole day, who would you be and why? It doesn’t matter is the person is dead or not, you just need to write your own thoughts on why you’d choose to be them.
  • If your blog is a newer one, taking the opportunity to introduce yourself a little better and write about a quality that makes you stand out. It can be anything no matter if it’s negative or positive in your eyes, which makes you stand out.

Psychology and Health

  • How does a good health affect someone’s mood? Try focusing on how exercise and eating well can affect your psychology.
  • On the same note, you can focus on how feeling happy and motivated can help you decrease your risk of health problems and how you can avoid them.

 College Tips and Advice

  • Since you’re a college student yourself, giving advice to others should be a must. Write about tips on how students can perform better at college and how they can increase their grades.
  • You can also write about college life and your personal experiences like hosting parties and making money when you’re a full time student.
  • Another good idea is to offer advice on making their dorm life as comfortable as it can be. Give tips on easy DIY projects and things they can do to save space or make their dorm room a little cozier.


  • Review products that you believe can be useful to your fellow college students. Write your honest opinion and only recommend products you will keep using for yourself.
  • Don’t be shy to make a list of products that you disliked. People will appreciate your honesty and you are bound to gain new followers.

Continuity is Key

The most important part about running a successful student blog is to keep updating it regularly. This is the only way for it to become more successful and for more and more people to keep following it.

These ideas are just a small source of help. Use them as a guide to help you come up with even more ideas so you always have something to write about!