History Essay: The Positives and Negatives of Mexican Illegal Immigrants in America


The United States of America is one of the leading countries with the highest number of immigrants. It is a pacesetter in all manners of speaking, from industry, technology, education, healthcare, fashion and entertainment. Many citizens of other countries are enthralled by the status in the world making it a desired destination for many. Despite all these, there are several positives and negative effects that immigrants cause in the country. Immigration has become one of the main issues that the country faces, so many misperceptions and concerns have been drawn. One of the latest views on the same was from Donald Trump, a presidential candidate who said that all the immigrants needed to be deported back to their countries as they only caused more harm to America. The paper is going to discuss the positive and negative effects that the illegal immigrants have had on United States.


Social Welfare

As a matter of fact, Mexican illegal immigrants have enhanced the social welfare in the United States. They have been able to receive welfare benefits on behalf of their US born children and relatives. The government’s social welfare program is helping out a lot of individuals who are disadvantaged in the society. Immigrants have been able to receive and initiate several government programs. The country tops the list of the countries which spend the most on the social welfare of immigrants. There are illegal immigrants who are unable to fend for themselves and this program was designed to look after the needs of these people. The country has made great strides in ensuring that the rights of every citizen in the country are looked after (Herrick, John and Paul 196). The government of the United States provides necessary care for the less fortunate in society, where the newcomers are being taken to be part of this group. The program is not entirely encompassing, since it does not reach every individual, but it can be termed a success in the way it has changed the lives of many.

US Economy

The economy of the country has picked up in recent years since the financial turmoil attributed to Wall Street back in 2008. Immigrants have affected the US economy positively. They have changed the employment and wages of the domestic market and workers. Due to their high number, the illegal immigrants have lowered the rate of the wage pay. They are seen to be working on the odd jobs that require less skills and they own small scale businesses. The country has still maintained its position as the world’s largest economy. The job market has picked up, and as the migrants are trading in financial markets and working hard in order to fend for their families (Yoshida 214). There are few strikes experienced in the US economy due to the dedication of the immigrants to working despite the low wage rates on them.



The Unites States has some of the best universities in the world. The leading minds in various fields and captains of industries have studied in these schools such as Harvard, Yale, and MIT among others. The country also offers free public education to every child living in the country meaning they can have access to basic education. However, the illegal immigrants have led to chaotic experiences in the schools. They are known for all the worst reasons. All the crimes at school, from thievery, violence and strikes are most likely to be caused by these settlers (Borjas 19). They are always caught on the wrong side of the law, from school bullying to disobedience of their tutors and the schools’ administration. Therefore, they have led to the lagging behind of American schools in terms of order and discipline as well as in matters of education when compared to many Asian and European countries.

The illegal immigrants are a bad influence to the American students. There are huge gaps between schools found in major urban centers with a high number of migrants as compared to those in rural areas without them. They have affected the performance of schools. It is also important to note that schools in the urban centers have better facilities. Therefore, they expected that the students in these schools will perform better than their counterparts, but this does not reflect on paper. Schools with high number of migrants are seen to record very poor performance. These students are only a bad influence as there are so many cases of drug addicts and crimes reported in these schools.

Public Health in America

The high number of illegal immigrants have worsened the state of the health care in America. From the word go, the public health care system in the United States is wanting. There exist several issues that make the life of the average citizen unbearable. First of all, there is an acute shortage of doctors in the country. This means that there are not enough physicians to handle the entire population of the country. The state of health care is deteriorating especially with the high number of immigrants. Statistics show that there are over 5 million in the United States. Therefore, they have contributed to the congestions experienced at the hospitals hence have over exploited the free medical and healthcare aids provided by the government.

With the recent world outbreaks of very dangerous contagious and deadly diseases such as Ebola and Zika, the country needs to be prepared to handle any emergency issues (Kugler, Adriana and Mutlu 148). Most of these diseases such as malaria and Polio in America have been literally brought into the country by the newcomers. The government is at a crossroad since it has to cater for the increasing health bills associated with diseases such as cancer, heart disease, obesity, and gout as well as the strange diseases brought in by the illegal immigrants. The government has therefore, spent and allocated a lot of money into the health care and medical research centers for the discovery of drugs. These settlers find their way into the country without giving their medical reports. Hence, the government should be very strict in their immigrants laws so that to ensure that no more illegal immigrants find their way to the country. Moreover, this has resulted to more problems to the citizens as it has led to increased taxes on the ordinary individual and taxes on goods to cater for the ballooning health bill (Hanson 17).


Migrants have had so many effects to the economy, workforce, the budgetary authorization, hospitals and welfare programs from the government of United States of America. Despite the strict immigrant rules in United States, it is peculiar that there are so many illegal immigrants who have settled and working in the several states in the country.