In this age of constant technological evolution, socializing became an action that can be done at home, from your own bedroom. Your friends and acquaintances are a click away from you. So, with this social media explosion came the different social networking platforms that you can use.

Probably the most popular platform is Facebook, followed by Twitter, but these platforms share the same path. Both of them are socially orientated.

This article will present a different kind of social networking platform, the professional platform.

About LinkedIn

We all know what a social media platform does, but what if you are a student and want to do something different than just chatting with your friends. What if there is a platform that can help you get a job and advance in your professional life?

In this case, LinkedIn is just the website you need to access. Just like any other social media platform, LinkedIn can be used in different ways, but if it is used correctly, it can prove itself to be a valuable tool for your future.

Apply for jobs

That’s right. LinkedIn allows you to apply for different jobs using your profile. More and more employers nowadays let or actually require you to use your LinkedIn profile in order to apply for a job. Therefore, it is important that you meticulously create your profile and fill it up with quality information about yourself. You can also upload your CV to your profile.

Search for potential employers

If the employers can use LinkedIn in order to find out more about you, then it is fair to say that you can also do this. LinkedIn lets you research information about your potential employers, offering various details about companies and people that you want to work for.

There are companies that prefer updating their LinkedIn profile, rather than updating their official website, so the information is more likely to be actualized on this platform and not elsewhere.

Another advantage that LinkedIn can provide you with is the freedom to find out more about your possible interviewers. It is not recommended to chat with them a day before the interview though because it can result in a minus for your image, but if you are the talking type, you can always start a conversation on the different online posts that the company has.

Connect with graduates

LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to get in touch with people who already graduated from your university. They can help you in many ways. Maybe you need a piece of advice, or maybe an internship.

Alumni who are more advanced in their career paths are now a message away from you. Don’t be shy and let them help you; I’m sure there is someone out there that would love to give you a career advice.

Create your profile

Now that you know what LinkedIn is, you can give it a try and create your own professional profile.

Firstly, the most important thing on your profile is your profile picture. This is your first impression, so don’t make it look bad. A quality photo in an appropriate attire should do the trick.

Secondly, after you uploaded your profile picture, you can now work on your intro. Write your intro in a way that shows people exactly what is important and what you want them to see. After that, you can add details about yourself.

Finally, LinkedIn will guide you through the rest of your profile creation, including your name and other basic information.

In conclusion, LinkedIn can be a valuable tool in helping students to achieve their dream-jobs if it is used correctly, so take advantage of it.